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Jayne Hancock

Pearls of Wisdom

Jayne Hancock

Somehow, I got a stubborn gene that allowed me to not settle, not accept no and not stop believing in the vision at hand. I also and sometimes unfortunately, got the gene to want more. It did have its downside on occasion but for the most part it is what drove me in everything I did, everything I experienced and everything I truly enjoyed. So, my instructions and some additional thoughts to you, (yes I am still trying to manage you all) are as follows:

  1. Always look at something and ask – can it be better? Life, relationships, work, home, any task, any project, anything. Is it the best it can be, did I do everything possible to make it successful? Did I do everything possible to make an impact?
  2. Always look for a way to mentor, advise, be kind, be thoughtful, be important to someone else. Sometimes it takes effort, sometimes we don’t do it like we should. Just use it as a guiding principle. We are human, we get tired, we get overwhelmed with life but just a reminder, every day you can make a difference to someone with very simple gestures.
  3. Do not ever forget to take every second and appreciate it, make the most of all of your days, make the most of your existence. “Make the most” is for you to define on any given day. It could be a walk at the beach or a high-level boardroom presentation or a special occasion with someone you love. Just feel it, make it spectacular. Life is so short it should really make you mad if you don’t take advantage of every moment. And whatever you do, as Elayne taught me - don’t rush the fun stuff.
  4. Do not accept mediocrity. Period.
  5. Always believe in just doing the right thing. When it comes to negotiating, managing, advice, action, kindness to name a few. Your final decision is not hard if you just ask, “what is the right thing, the fair thing, the honest thing to do?” You will have your answer.
  6. Enjoy horseradish on anything you want and don’t forget the mustard on your egg sandwich.
  7. Keep eating corn anyway you wish. It is sooo good. But at least consider organic as the very best.
  8. Always enjoy and appreciate your home – it should be your sanctuary. Make it warm, make it represent the love you are blessed to have, the experiences, the friends and as my Mom taught me, there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place :) .
  9. There are so many places in our world to live, and wherever it is, look for the inspiration, the culture, the history, the people. It all has meaning, it all has learning, it all has value in your journey.
  10. Always enjoy and appreciate crisp white blouses, Sunday mornings, dusk every day, good wine, many friends, great cars, dinner parties, beautiful table settings, shopping, big events (Grammy’s were always fun!), any part of Nordstrom. And so much more.
  11. Always bring the “Wow” into play. Flowers, gifts, parties, outfits, presentations, work ethic, to name a few. People like the Wow factor, it will make you stand out because it takes a little extra effort. As my Dad would say, “It takes a little bit more to go all the way.” Thanks Dad.
  12. Do not quit in the middle of something even if you are sick of it, tired of it, cannot go another step. Go one more step and as I used to say to my teammate at UArizona Nan Barash, “You can rest later.”
  13. Don’t be too quick to fold your hand (personal, professional). Work through the issue, work through the problem, give it time. It may break free and be better for the trial, the challenge you faced.
  14. Please get over any sorrow or sadness. Move on and carry on . Oh, don’t forget about me….but do move on. Take care of your life. Take care of the people in your life. Add new people in your life. Always add fantastic experiences, exposure, enrichment each day of your life.
  15. Remember, Hope is not a Strategy. You can’t hope things work out…. Visualize the plan, visualize more (see the successful conclusion before others), execute, repeat. And remember, Richard Branson’s quote, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.”
  16. Be a player who says “Give me the Ball” vs one who says “Oh, I hope the ball doesn’t come to me!!!” Want the ball, want to play, want to contribute to the team.
  17. Remember Vince Lombardi, “When you get to the end zone, act like you’ve been there.”
  18. A catcher’s decree: With a runner on second and there is a base hit to right field, buckle up at home plate – keep your eye on the throw coming from the outfielder but don’t forget someone is rounding third (on your blindside) to take you out flat. Don’t fear, hang tight, you are in control, snag the throw coming in (helpful if you don’t have to move much!), make the tag and get the heck out of the way! Always a good rule of thumb to live by in life as well as a good, close softball game.
  19. As most of you know, I could go on and on as I edit this document….I am sure I will over time. But if I do not write more to you, please celebrate, sing, dance, play the drums – whatever you wish. Every day. Stay healthy and live each day as if it was your last inning. A word to all who have touched my life and made it a better ride...I simply can’t name you all. Maybe Facebook could help here! It goes deep. You all know who you are but Randy Satterburg, Eric Winter, Chris Brush, Chris Lauricella, Tom Davis, Tola Murphy-Baran are a few who can reach the masses on my behalf to send my heartfelt gratitude for their endless projects, challenges, creating new businesses (closed a couple), victories, big wins, big campaigns, big laughs and so much more. I learned, directed, connected dots, absorbed, cheered, used a velvet hammer, challenged, coached, managed, loved, visualized, and right now some of you are filling in superlatives. Hopefully, ones that make you laugh. Some of you may know me a bit better than others, and you are now instructed to “zip it.” No one needs to know that all this time, I acted big but was really not so big (guess that’s where Sophie got it). I am a better person because of all of you (For Good – thank you Wicked).
    I really needed all of you, all the time. I love you all.
  20. Please have a celebration. Let people know how I feel about them via LinkedIn and FB. That will cover many. There are lots of my peeps and my kids out there. Let them all know I love them.

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